Support Seniors

Whether Seniors have a full-time Caregiver or regularly find themselves feeling lonely, High Fives Charity provides the means for them to reinvigorate their lives and find joy again.

We understand what you want and need might not fit in your budget and so we offer some grant options, as well.

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When full-time Caregivers need support caring for their aging parents, spouse, friend or neighbor we are here. This emotional support and companionship can also include light housework, quality time, and assistance with daily living activities.

Stress is common in Seniors, and in some ways can be more overwhelming due to their age and overall health. Plenty of factors can contribute to these feelings, such as the loss of a spouse or close friends. An increased difficulty to handle even simple tasks of everyday living is challenging. Losing any independence creates uncertainty, depression, and frustration and often the inability to explain what emotions and physical limitations are occuring adds to this discomfort. This may cause further agitation or aggression that is not conducive to good health. Our stress management services can provide seniors with life coaching, positive response training, reiki sessions, and multiple holistic therapies.

Hospital Visits
Pajama Program
Legacy “My Life Story” Program
Home Safety Evaluation
Small Repairs
Social Event Transportation
Conferences/Classes/Events at Our State of the Art Facility or from the Comfort of Your Own Home
Life Coaching
Positive Response Training
Dance Therapy
Companion Care

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